Peruvians march around the world against Manuel Merino

On Monday, November 9th, a Parliamentary coup, took place in Peru.

Since Monday, November 12th, Peruvian people have been going out on the streets from different parts of the United States.

Manuel Merino de Lama is a congressman of the Republic for the Tumbes region. The Congress voted the President Martín Vizcarra out of office. The president was impeached against the vote of the Peruvian people.

The president of Congress, Manuel Marino, resumed to take over office on Nov 10th.


Brandenburger Tor.

If you are not in Peru, we suggest you share the information. The more people that know about what is currently happening and join this cause.

A summary of the impeachment


Upcoming peaceful marches

Living in San Francisco, CA?

Educate yourself and others on what is currently happening, don’t forget to share this information!

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